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Susan Barnes - 1st Dan black belt (2019)

Safeguarding Officer

 Tel: 07919263686   email:


I became an Aikidoka in 2012 as a way to regain my strength and balance following a major accident.

Aikido builds confidence and power coupled with control, and as I progressed through the grades I joined the Junior class as an assistant coach in 2014.

I have continued in my role as assistant coach for 10 years now.


I am Chichester Association and Club Safeguarding Officer and GDPR Officer as well as holding a current certification in emergency first aid.

Safeguarding Officer

Young Adults Class

Junior Class

Saturday morning

9.15-10-15 at the New Park New Dojo


This class is for 13 to 18 year olds who have either progressed from the Junior class, or who join for the first time as teenagers.

The teens have a good understanding of the basics of Aikido and are confident with weapons. They are training for their adult gradings and belts, and working towards their Dan grades.

All teen work is performed with the understanding that their bodies are not yet fully matured and training is tailored to ensure safety in the work they do.

This class is open to children of all abilities from the age of 5. 

The class aims to engage pupils with fun activities related to Aikido principles and provide a safe space to learn respect and control in how they interact with each other.

All the junior Aikidoka work towards their junior grading belts at twice yearly gradings.

Juniors learn how to handle weapons and how to safely engage with an opponent, increasing their levels of confidence both within the Dojo and also outside in their school and their social life.

Safeguarding is of primary importance and underpins all the work in the Dojo

Wednesday Evening

18.30-19.30  at the Westgate Leisure Center

Teens Training
teens training
breakfall practice
teens training
 juniors class
breakfall practice
teen class
junior class
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